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We have three types of online courses: Monthly, Self-Paced “Monthly” Courses, and Start Anytime.

Monthly Courses (reduced prices):These courses begin in the middle of each month and lessons are released every Wednesday and Friday for six weeks. There is no set place or time that you need to be online to complete the lessons, giving you a more flexible and fun learning experience. Each lesson will include quizzes, hands-on assignments, discussion areas, supplementary links, and more to help you become an expert on your chosen topic. When you successfully complete your final exam with an 80% or higher, you will receive a certificate of completion from the College of Professional Education.

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NEW! Self-Paced “Monthly” Courses: These courses contain the same lessons as the Monthly Courses.  All lessons are immediately available once your enrollment is verified.  Courses are verified every Wednesday by 5pm.  PLEASE NOTE:  There is NO instructor support for Self-Paced Courses.  Successful completion requires a final exam score of 80% or higher.  Certificates are printed on first working day of a month for all successful completions of the prior month.  You must call Registration at 470-578-6765 to request enrollment in the Self-Paced ‘Monthly’ Courses. Now available!

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Start Anytime Courses: Prepare for employment in some of today’s most valuable fields with comprehensive, affordable, and self-paced online start anytime classes. These online certificate programs can begin at any time and you will be able to move through them at your own pace. Facilitators are available to answer your questions throughout your studies and you will receive a certificate upon successful completion of your program. Many of these programs will prepare you for professional certification exams in your field of interest, giving you the potential for job growth.

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Georgia Real Estate Sales Professional Courses

See the list of Georgia Real Estate Sales Professional Courses


Educators are allowed to take any online course which lists CEUs for their renewal.  Please look here for more information on the process for Educators.

Online Nursing CNEs

Are you a registered nurse? The state of Georgia has now required continuing education training for licensure renewal. Let us be your solution to completing this important process. Take a look at our CNE classes.

WellStar Employees: Receive a 10% discount!

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