Web Design & Development Certificates


Web Design & Development Certificates

Are you ready to create your own website? Web design and development skills are more desirable today than ever before. Web Design & Development demand is booming due to the growing popularity of mobile devices and e-commerce. Harness your creativity and gain invaluable career training in one of our web design & development certificate programs. Each will instill you with the integral design or development principles and industry tools to put you at the forefront of technology. Add value to your professional portfolio through hands-on projects and the creation of a functional website. See below for more information and requirements for each course.

These certificate programs were previously offered as one course. We are now offering it as three separate courses to benefit both designers and developers. Students may choose to enroll in any course, in any order should they meet the prerequisites for each course.

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Graphic Web Design
Front End Web Development
Back End Web Development

Complete Front End and Back End Web Development courses to earn a Full Stack Web Developer Certificate. 


Working knowledge of computers and access to a computer and the internet are required.

Further prerequisites for each certificate program can be found by clicking the link for each program above.

Graphic Web Design


  • Principles of user experience design
  • Copyright best practices for web design
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Best practices for page layout and color principles on a website
  • Usability
  • Digital file basics

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall principles of user experience design
  • Describe copyright best practices for web design
  • Create designs using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software
  • Demonstrate HTML and CSS through in class projects
  • Implement best practices for page layout and color principles on a website
  • Demonstrate usability best practices and digital file basics through instructor-led and personal design projects

Front End Web Development


  • HTML & CSS with Dreamweaver
  • Add interactivity to projects using Bootstrap and JavaScript
  • PHP for form handling and other common tasks
  • CMS concepts and how to create a CMS backed site using WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics
  • Basic testing and debugging
  • Web design business basics

Back End Web Development


  • Python programming and data structures
  • Git for version control
  • Set up an Ubuntu web server on a PC using Virtual Box
  • Linux shell
  • CRUD principles and RESTful APIs
  • Create and use databases in SQL and Python
  • Containers and virtualization methods

Website Creation

These courses provide you the opportunity to create your own functional website as part of the final project. This work sample is ideal to use when marketing your skills to potential employers.

Financing Options

Career Options

  • Web publications specialist
  • Website designer
  • Web producer
  • Graphic artist
  • Media integration specialist


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Occupational Trends
15% Growth

— Employment of web developers is projected to grow 15% through 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

$80,000 Median Salary

— The median annual wage for web developers is $80,000 and high end salaries can reach near $180,000 (salary.com).

Ranked No. 1

— Yahoo! ranked Web Design as the No. 1 career with the most significant growth potential requiring minimal education.

$73,913 Median Salary

— The median annual web designer salary is $73,913, as of March 29, 2018, with a range usually between $63,275-$84,469 (salary.com).