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Test Preparation

Does the phrase, “take out your No. 2 pencils” make you nervous? Don’t let it! The College of Professional Education’s Test Prep courses will help you discover powerful test-taking techniques and methods to improve your score.

Our classroom and online formats help you review typical exam questions and tackle both problem solving and data sufficiency questions. Whether you’re preparing for college entrance exams or applying to law school, test-taking anxiety can be relieved by becoming familiar with assessments and practice problems similar to the ones on the exam. So, what are you waiting for? Turn anxiety into achievement today!


GED Preparation – Online

SAT Preparation – Classroom

SAT/ACT Preparation – Quantitative – Online

GMAT Preparation – Online

GRE Preparation – Quantitative – Online

GRE Preparation – Verbal and Analytical – Online

MCAT Exam Preparation 

Nursing Exam Preparation


These classroom-based courses will help you develop learning and test-taking strategies, as well as assess and strengthen any of the four main subject areas covered.

TEAS Exam Prep – English & Language Usage
TEAS Exam Prep – Reading
TEAS Exam Prep – Mathematics
TEAS Exam Prep – Science